The Paris Photographer’s Guide to Capturing the City’s Fashionable Streets

The Paris Photographer’s Guide to Capturing the City’s Fashionable Streets

The Paris proposal Photographer Guide to Capturing the City’s Fashionable Streets involves capturing the essence of Parisian fashion through photography. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Parisian Fashion: Paris is renowned for its fashion, and capturing its fashionable streets is a unique and captivating experience. Photographers can focus on the stylish locals, fashion boutiques, and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre to create visually stunning images.
  2. Details: Parisian fashion is all about the details. Photographers should focus on the intricate details of the city’s architecture, the fine cutlery and coffee cups on a terrasse, and the cracked walls or bullet holes left over from WWII to capture the essence of the city’s history and culture.
  3. Leading Lines: Paris is the queen of leading lines. Photographers can find them in the grande boulevards like the Avenue des Champs-ร‰lysรฉes, picturesque parks, and rows of parallel trees and garden beds. Leading lines help your viewer focus on your main subject, so donโ€™t forget to make use of them whenever possible.
  4. Change of Perspective: Every photographer knows that if you want to take an interesting shot, you need to change your perspective. This is true in Paris as well. The city has been photographed so many times it may seem tedious to find a new perspective to shoot from. But the best way is to find new locations and new angles. Test out some rooftop restaurants or train stations. Get low to the ground along the river or up close to someone in the street. Changing your perspective will bring so much more to your work.
  5. Mirrors: Mirrors and reflections are always fun to play with, and street photography is no exception. Photographers can capture the beauty of the city’s reflections in the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre Museum to create visually striking images.
  6. Inspiration: If you are looking for more inspiration, then consider taking a workshop, studying a famous photographer, or reading a street photography book. This will help you learn new techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the art of street photography.
  7. Paris Street Photographers of Today: Mary Quincy and Laurent Derossi are two notable Paris street photographers who have made significant contributions to the field. They have captured the essence of Parisian life and fashion through their photographs, showcasing the city’s unique charm and character.
  8. Planning: Just like any photoshoot, itโ€™s important to plan ahead to take the best images. Below are some details on locations and timing that you should keep in mind before you head out for the day. Paris has something for everyone when it comes to choosing a location. We recommend getting away from the touristy, crowded areas of Paris and photographing some of the edgier and more local locations full of color, new subject matter, and memories of iconic architecture.
  9. Timing: If you want to capture quiet streets with golden hues, then wake up early. Sunrise in Paris can be magical. It feels like most of the city does not wake up until around 10 am, so this leaves you plenty of time to wander and capture unexpected moments while the city is still slumbering.
  10. Top 10 Locations: Below we have listed our top 10 all-time favorite locations to shoot street photography in Paris. These include iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, as well as lesser-known spots like the Canal Saint-Martin and the Marais District.

By following these tips and techniques, photographers can capture the essence of Parisian fashion and the city’s fashionable streets, creating visually stunning images that showcase the city’s unique charm and character.

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